Under Construction:  I am in the process of moving  from the Eastern Panhandle, finding a location in Morgantown while revamping my website and specialty.  Please text/email me with any questions.


 Each massage is tailored to the specific needs of an individual on any given day. Not one massage will be the same as the one prior.  My work is inspired by several different modalities, listed below.  Many of these modalities will be incorporated into each session, along with heat therapy and an essential oil. 


Transforming your mind, body and spirit is my mission.  Getting to the source of chronic pain is my goal. Therefore, I address all maladies and provide support that can get you on track to a more comfortable, happier you!

Inspiring Modalities:


Cupping Massage


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Myofascial Release

Energy/Spiritual Work

Chakra Balancing  


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